Rylands: Hypnotherapy in Essex, Suffolk and Cambridge

A few kind words from some of my clients...



"I just wanted to say thank you so much. You have really made a difference to my life. I realise, now, that issues that have ruled my life for so long (too long) aren’t such a big deal. I can be a stronger, more confident person. Thanks again Sandra."

Emma, Suffolk

"Whilst going through a time of stress I found myself addicted to sugar. I spent my evenings binging on sugary, fattening foods. It was a vicious cycle – the more sugary snacks I ate the more stressed and low I felt which made me reach for more sugary foods to mask the feelings. I felt awful and the pounds were piling on. I’d always been very slim, regularly worked out at the gym and looked after myself, so was quite upset by this rut that I found myself in."

"I knew that I had to stop this behaviour but couldn’t quite summon the strength and will power to stop. After just one session of hypnotherapy with Sandra all my cravings for sweet, sugary foods have gone. I am eating normal, healthy foods again and although I don’t weigh myself, my clothes all fit comfortably once more. It was a great success!"

Mandy, Essex

"I was worried about trying hypnotherapy and found the thought of it quite embarrassing to be honest.
I had tried lots of other options, including counselling, with little success, so had nothing to lose.
I was so overwhelmed by anger, low self esteem and the feeling I was constantly being judged by anyone and everyone.
These feelings were deeply rooted from issues in my childhood over 25 years ago.
Sandra made me feel at ease. We had a great, in depth consultation and agreed what it was we wanted to achieve from the sessions.
Being hypnotised was just as Sandra described it would be and not scary at all.
Over the next few weeks I began to notice small changes; everyday little things that used to send me into melt down simply didn’t matter any more.
I feel relieved, a huge weight has been lifted and i am in control of how I feel.
Thank you so much Sandra for all your help. You really have changed my life for the better.

Sarah, Suffolk

Kind words from a handful of satisfied clients...


"All limitations are self-imposed."

Earnest Holmes

"I’d been a yoyo dieter all my life and was desperate to find something that would help me to reach a healthy weight and maintain it. I knew that my whole attitude to food and exercise needed to change, not just my diet. Having given up smoking through hypnotherapy with Sandra I decided to see her for help with weight loss. Sandra helped me to address and change my attitude, not only towards food, but also to life in general. I am now fitter, healthier and on my way to being 10kg lighter. Seriously life changing. Thank you."

Gerty, Perth, Australia

"Having spent the last 12 years addicted to smoking; trying on countless occasions to give up with no success, I had all but given up hope I would ever be free from cigarettes. Hypnotherapy changed my life forever. Not only did it give me the resolve to quit for good but also the confidence to believe in my own strength of mind to achieve this ultimate goal. It was an amazingly empowering experience and one that I would highly recommend to others. Thank you Sandra for changing my life forever. "

Gerty, Perth, Australia

Sandra gave me back my self esteem and a broader outlook on life during a difficult time. It was a very relaxing experience. Sandra was great to be with and I would happily see her again for any issues in the future.

Pat, Essex